What’s the best approach to creating a themed children’s bedroom based on British wildlife?

When it comes to designing the perfect space for your child, the possibilities are infinite. It’s all about finding a balance between function and imagination, creating a room that not only caters to their needs but also feeds their endless curiosity. A themed bedroom can be a delightful solution that blends fun and functionality, paving the way for a unique and enriching environment for your child.

One theme that’s been growing in popularity is British wildlife. It provides a unique mix of whimsy, adventure and education. This article will guide you through the best approach to creating a themed children’s bedroom based on British wildlife. By the end of it, you’ll have gathered a myriad of ideas that will help you design a room that lets your child explore the wonders of nature from the comfort of their own space.

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1. Choosing the Right Palette and Wallpaper

The first step in this process is deciding on the right colour palette and wallpaper. This forms the basis of the room, setting the stage for all other elements. British wildlife is rich in colours; from the lush greens of forest canopies to the warm browns of woodland animals.

When choosing wallpaper, consider designs that reflect elements of British wildlife. This could be a beautiful mural of a countryside, or patterned wallpaper featuring British animals. Remember to choose something that will grow with your child and won’t become outdated quickly.

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2. Selecting the Best Furniture

The next step is to select furniture that complements your theme. This doesn’t mean that all items need to directly reflect British wildlife. Rather, they should tie in well with the overall aesthetic. Wooden furniture, for instance, can invoke the ruggedness of the outdoors.

Look for pieces that offer practicality while still adding to the theme. A bed shaped like a treehouse or a cabinet with animal-shaped handles can be exciting for kids. Remember, safety should always come first. Ensure all furniture is child-friendly and does not pose any potential risk.

3. Wall Decor and Accessories

Wall decor and accessories can truly bring your theme to life. They add character to the room and give children something to explore and learn from. When selecting wall decor, consider items that will not only enhance the look of the room but also serve a learning purpose.

For instance, a large map of the UK showcasing different wildlife habitats can be both educative and decorative. Posters or framed images of various British wildlife can also pique your child’s interest in nature.

As for accessories, think about animal-themed lamps, rugs with woodland patterns, or cushions shaped like Britain’s native creatures. These can all contribute to the thematic consistency and visual appeal of the room.

4. Creating a Play Space

Just as important as the bedroom design is the creation of a play space. This should be an area where your child can engage with the theme beyond just looking at it.

Consider setting up an ‘exploration corner’. This could include stuffed animals of British wildlife, books about nature, or even a small indoor tent to simulate camping in the wilderness. A play mat with a British countryside design can also be a great addition.

5. Educational Elements

Finally, remember that a child’s room isn’t just a place for sleep—it’s a space for growth and learning. Including educational elements in your design can help your children learn more about British wildlife.

This could be through informative books, interactive toys, or even DIY projects that encourage them to learn more about nature. For instance, a bird identification chart on the wall, or a wildlife-themed puzzle can keep them engaged and learning.

Designing a British wildlife-themed children’s bedroom requires careful thought and consideration. By following these steps, you can create a space that is not only visually appealing but also highly functional and educational. So, let your imagination run wild, and introduce your child to the wonders of British wildlife right in their bedroom.

6. Positioning Natural Light for the Best Effect

Positioning natural light in your child’s room can create a natural feeling akin to being outside in the British wilderness. It’s not just about choosing the right colours or finding the perfect wallpaper; the way light illuminates the room plays a significant role in enhancing the appeal of the theme.

Firstly, consider the room’s layout and the direction in which it faces to effectively utilize natural light. A south-facing room will see the most sunlight throughout the day, while a north-facing room will get softer, more diffused light.

Take advantage of this by placing the bed or play space in a position where your child can enjoy the warmth of morning sunshine or the calming effect of twilight rays. Not only does this bring the sense of the outdoors into the children’s room, but it also promotes a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Add blinds or curtains with a forest or animal print to control the amount of light and add to the theme. Transparent curtains with silhouettes of British wildlife can cast beautiful shadow plays on sunny days, creating a fun and whimsical atmosphere.

Remember, artificial lighting is also important. Selecting the right kind of bulbs can have a significant impact on the room’s ambience. Warm white bulbs can create a cosy, sunset-like glow, whereas cool white bulbs can mimic the bright light of a sunny day.

7. Incorporating the Right Textiles

The textiles you choose can significantly contribute to the overall theme of the room. From the bedding to the rug, every fabric can tell a story about British wildlife.

For bedding, consider sets that feature your child’s favourite British animals, such as red squirrels, hedgehogs, or badgers. Alternatively, opt for a colour palette inspired by the UK’s landscapes such as lush greens, earthy browns, or sky blues.

Make sure to pick out rugs that tie into the theme. A rug with a forest or meadow pattern can visually enhance the bedroom design by adding an element of texture. Additionally, it can also function as a play mat for young children.

Cushions and throws offer more opportunities to incorporate the theme. Select pieces that feature animal prints or are shaped like native British creatures. Choosing such textiles will not only contribute to the theme but also create a cosy atmosphere for your child.


Creating a British wildlife-themed children’s bedroom may seem like a daunting task. However, following these tips will help you transform your child’s room into a natural haven. From selecting the right palette to incorporating the theme in textiles, every element adds to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Remember, the goal is to create a space that is functional, educational, and imaginative. By incorporating elements of British wildlife, your child’s room will become a place for them to rest, play, and learn about nature – all in the comfort of their own home.

So, continue reading and exploring more room ideas. Tune into BBC wildlife for inspiration or check image credit future PLC for more design ideas. Incorporating bunk beds or a play space can maximize the room’s functionality while maintaining the theme.

Designing your children’s room is an exciting journey. With the right approach, you can create a room that your child will love and treasure. So let the adventure begin – the beauty of British wildlife awaits.